1.1.These regulations define the operating principles of the I LIKE ENGLISH School based at ul. 27 Grudnia, 17/19, suite 508, in Poznań, 61-737, NIP: 783-232-96-81. The School is represented by Dorota Ostrowska (mobile: 539 202 130, email:, hereinafter referred to as the School Director.
1.2. The rules of the regulations require the Client’s acceptance, which is a condition for starting the English language course by the School.

2.1. The Secretariat of the School is open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00. The seat of the Secretariat is located at 27 grudnia 17/19 / 508, 61-737 Poznań, email. and +48 882 754 290 / + 48 539 202 130
2.2. The school offers lessons from Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 21:30 and on Saturdays from 08:00 to 16:00 in the school branch on 27 Grudnia 17/19 in Poznan, or at the customer’s. The school does not provide lessons on public holidays. The date and place of classes depend on the availability of teachers, which is confirmed by the School Secretariat prior to the commencement of the course.
2.3. The teacher is assigned to a given Client before the course starts. The Client receives contact details for Teacher before the first lesson. The Teacher should be contacted directly in order to report being late, sudden cancellation of classes and to discuss current matters of the course, such as homework, tests, Client’s requests regarding the lesson program, etc.
2.4. Upon taking up the course and enrolling for the first trial lesson, the Customer shall have access to the Student Zone in the administration panel of the School. The administration panel contains all information useful during the course implementation, such as: schedule of classes, payments, summary of the number of classes completed and planned.

3.1. The school needs and processes the Customer’s data in order to execute the order. Detailed rules of personal data processing are contained on the website: in the RODO (GDPR) tab.
3.2. After assigning the Lector in charge of the particular course to the Customer, the School will provide the latter with the Lector’s telephone number, email address and his/her name and surname. The Customer undertakes to use the data entrusted to him/her solely for the purpose of the course. The entrusted data may be passed on and used for other purposes only with the consent of the School and the Lector who runs the course.

4.1. The first lesson offered to the Client by the School is treated as a trial lesson. Its aim is to familiarize the Student with the Teacher conducting the course, to check the level of the student’s English language, to arrange the exact purpose of the student’s course and to discuss the work plan. In the case of children and people declaring no knowledge of English, and people who do not want to take the test due to the individual purpose of the course, the Teacher conducts the lesson without the test checking the student’s knowledge, after discussing the subject of the lesson with the Client.
4.2. The day, place and time of the trial lesson shall be specified in an e-mail message sent from the School’s e-mail address to the e-mail address indicated by the Customer for contact.
4.3. In order for the trial lesson to actually take place, it must be paid for by the Customer beforehand. The amount to be paid, date and account number will be indicated in the e-mail inviting to the trial lesson/ English language course. Failure to make a payment is treated as the Customer’s resignation from the course.
4.4 The school will issue an invoice for the trial lesson after receiving the payment to the bank account of the school. The Customer is obliged to provide the School with the invoice details, i.e. name, surname, address and postal code, or if the invoice is to be issued for a company – company name, registered office address and VAT ID number.
4.5. The e-mail inviting the Customer to the trial lesson/ English language course, the School shall also include the Regulations of the School together with the School Data Processing Policy (RODO). These documents are also available on the School’s website in the „School Regulations & RODO (GDPR)” tab. The payment for the course or the first trial lesson, as well as participation in the classes, is tantamount to the Customer’s acceptance of both documents.
4.6. When enrolling for a trial lesson, the Customer shall also have access to the Student Zone in the administrative panel of the School, where the student’s schedule, telephone number and payment details are available. The Customer is obliged to log in to the Student Zone at the beginning of the course. The Customer is obliged to keep the login data confidential and not to disclose them to other persons.
4.7. If a student does not attend a planned and confirmed trial lesson, the School shall not refund the money for the paid lesson, as the teacher is present and prepared to deliver the lesson.
4.8. If the Customer is late for the trial lesson, Lector is not obliged to extend the lesson and finishes the lesson in accordance with the scheduled time indicated in the e-mail inviting the Customer to the first trial lesson.
4.9. After the first trial lesson, the Customer informs the School Secretariat about the willingness to continue the course.
4.10. In case of dissatisfaction with the first trial lesson, it is possible to enrol for the second trial lesson with another teacher. Such a request should be submitted to the School Secretariat.
4.11. After the first trial lesson there is a possibility to resign from continuing the course regardless of the reason. Such a decision should be reported to the School Secretariat.

5.1. The English language course begins after receiving information from the Client about the intention to continue the course after the first lesson.
5.2. The School offers courses for an indefinite period with a month’s notice period or for a definite period, with the date of completion proposed by the Client.
5.3. To finish a course that did not have a defined deadline, please send an appropriate information in the form of an e-mail to the The Client should provide the exact date of the planned completion of the course, observing the monthly notice period. Finishing the course does not involve any additional costs. Customers informing about the end of the course without one month’s notice period, terminate the course after one month from the date of receiving an e-mail by the School and are obliged to pay for lessons that have already been planned for the next month, i.e. 30 days from the date of submission of the notice.
5.4. The fixed-term course ends on the date specified by the Client before the start of the course. In justified cases, it is possible to end the course on an earlier date, observing the monthly period of notice. The rules for early completion of the course are the same as for the finishing of the course with an indefinite period specified in point 5.3.
5.5. The course planned for the period specified on the Customer’s request may be prolonged. However, this must be confirmed by the School Director, due to the fact that another Client’s course may already be scheduled after the end of the course. Then the School may propose a different date and / or another Teacher. It is recommended to report information about the intention to extend the course as early as possible.
5.6. The School has the right to terminate the course without notice in the case of customers who :
a) have paid at least twice a year for the course after the due date or they are in arrears for one month, disregarding the reminder from the School (see section 7 – Rules of payment for the course).
b) often cancel classes without being willing to take financial responsibility for them (see Section 9 of the Regulations – Cancellation of classes),
c) are aggressive, rude to the staff of the school, making them feel uncomfortable/threatened by such behaviour,
d) they persistently fail to comply with the School Rules.
5.7 The Customer has the right to terminate the course without notice if a justified complaint is made to the School Secretariat (see Section 13 of the Regulations – Complaints).

6.1. The date and place where the classes are to take place are determined before the course starts, and then regularly every week are held on the set date. The Customer has access to his/her schedule in a dedicated Student Zone on the website. Classes are not held during public holidays.

7.1. The school informs the Client about the price for one lesson before the beginning of the course.
7.2. Payments for the course are always made in advance for the whole month, according to the number of lessons for the given billing month.
7.3. In the event that in the month preceding the billing month, the Client had canceled lessons that were considered as lessons canceled free of charge, the value of the new invoice is accordingly reduced by the value of these lessons.
7.5. The school issues an invoice to the Client by the 10th day of each billing month, and the Client undertakes to pay for the given month of the course not later than by the 15th of each billing month,
7.5. No payment made by the Customer for a given billing month results in the School being withheld from providing the course until receiving the indicated payment into the school’s bank account.
7.6. If no payment was made for the lessons already completed, the School, in addition to the suspension of the course, will demand payment for classes that have taken place and have not been paid for.

8.1. After each lesson, the Teacher and the Client sign a list confirming the classes. The list contains information about all completed, put off and canceled classes. This list is the basis for the School to settle financial issues with the Client and the Teacher for a given month. The list does not apply to on-line lessons, then the connection history in the communicator is used as confirmation of the lessons taken.

9.1. The School and Teacher who conducts the course makes a reservation of the given term for each Client and does not accept other orders during this time. Due to the individual nature of the classes offered to the Client, canceling classes by the Client is related to the loss of income of the Teacher and the School.
9.2. The Client is entitled to a free cancellation of classes only in exceptional situations, reporting it first to the Teacher, and then to the School Office.  A one-off free break in classes cannot be longer than 2 weeks and cannot cover more than 50% of classes planned for a given month. Such notification must be submitted no less than 24 hours before the planned lesson. Classes canceled in less than 24 hours before the lesson or in excess of the indicated limit are always fully paid.

9.3. The number of lessons canceled by the Client is registered. A Client who frequently cancels more than 25% planned classes for each month, loses the possibility of free cancellation of classes.  It will be informed of this decision by email, with effect from the date given in the email. Afterwards, each canceled lesson is fully paid. If the Customer does not agree to these conditions, the course will be closed without notice.
9.4. Holidays and public holidays are not included in the record of canceled lessons by the Client. They are statutory days free.
9.5. In exceptional situations and with the consent of the School Director and the Teacher who conducts the course, the School provides the opportunity to make up for the canceled lesson on a different date. However, taking into account all permanent and newly reporting customers, this possibility cannot be overused because it leads to confusion in schedules of teachers and school rooms.
9.6. The Teacher, in exceptional situations such as vacation, illness, etc., has the right to cancel classes. Lessons canceled by Teacher are always free for the Client.
9.7. In the case of lessons canceled by the Teacher, the School may propose a replacement with another Teacher or make a lesson with the Teacher conducting the course at another time if it is possible. The Client may accept or refuse the offer.
9.8. Due to the fact that payments for classes are made in advance for the entire month, a free cancellation of the lesson results in a reduction of the value of the invoice for the next month in accordance with the value of the canceled lesson.
10.1. At the request of the Client, with the consent of the School Director and Teacher who conducts the course, it is possible to change the permanent date of classes. This change must match the Teacher’s schedule and available school rooms if lessons are held at the School branch.
11.1. The Client may purchase additional classes that are not included in the Schedule for the given month. The willingness to buy an additional lesson should be reported to the Assistant and then additionally paid in accordance with the invoice issued by the School.

12.1. The Student, anticipating its lateness to the classes, is obliged to effectively inform the Teacher about this lateness. Such information is considered to be effective if its reception is confirmed by the Teacher (telephone contact is recommended). The Teacher is also obliged to make an attempt to contact the Student before considering the lesson canceled and leaving the premises.
12.2. In the case of classes conducted at the School’s branch or in the premises indicated by the Client, if the building is open and there is a possibility to wait inside, the Teacher will wait for the Student regardless of the time of its delay, provided that the Teacher is effectively informed about this delay. The Teacher is not obliged to extend its working time due to late course and the lesson ends according to the time defined in the schedule. In case the Teacher, waiting for the Student, despite attempts to contact it, does get any response, the Teacher leaves the premises after 20 minutes of waiting (counted from the planned start of classes) and this lesson is fully paid.
12.3.In the case of classes conducted outside the School, in the premises indicated by the Client, if the premises is closed and there is no possibility to wait inside, the Teacher waits for the Client for a maximum of 10 minutes (counted from the planned start of classes), provided that the Teacher is effectively informed about Student’s being late. The Teacher is not obliged to extend its working time due to late course, the lesson ends according to the time recorded in the schedule. In case the Teacher waiting for the Student, despite attempts to contact the Student, is not responded, the Teacher leaves the premises after 5 minutes of waiting (counted from the planned start of classes) and the lesson is fully paid.

12.4. In the event that the Teacher is late for classes, the School Director should be informed about it, and the Teacher is obliged to make up with the Client the lost time of the lesson. In the case of reporting of repeated Teacher’s lateness, the School Director will take appropriate steps to ensure that the situation does not recur.
13.1. The Customer has the right to lodge a complaint against the teacher conducting the course. Complaints should be submitted to the School Secretariat at
13.2. After considering the Complaint, the School may:
– agree to the end of the course without notice,
– propose a change of the teacher in charge of the course.
13.3. The school will not refund any money for classes that were conducted by the teacher before the claim was filed. Therefore, it is recommended that you submit your comments as soon as possible so that the School can quickly take appropriate steps to resolve the problems.

14.1. The School undertakes to inform the Client about each change of the Regulations by sending an electronic message to the e-mail address provided during the Client’s registration for the course.
14.2. The Client who does not agree to the change to the Regulations, has the right to resign from the Course without notice, receiving a refund for unused classes.
14.3. In matters not covered by the Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.
14.4. These Regulations shall apply from September 1, 2022